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    Garment Hanging Automated Mezzanine Floor
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    Automated OSR Mezzanine Floor
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Mezzanine Floor Design

Please Note: Davicon has professional indemnity insurance covering all of its designs. Please download our insurance certificate.

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is very proud of its 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which incorporates CNC punching, drilling and shearing machinery, fabrication booths and finishing spray booths. Take a 3D tour of our manufacturing facility here. Davicon Mezzanine Floors is the leading mezzanine floor supplier that manufactures in-house; this, coupled with a highly experienced design team, means we are able to exactly match customer requirements, offer reduced lead times and have complete control over the quality and delivery of over projects.

After you place an order with Davicon, your project manager will visit the site to gather exact requirements, take detailed measurements and assess the site conditions. Our project managers have many years experience delivering mezzanine floor projects.

Your mezzanine floor will be designed to latest standards and building regulations, using up-to-date structural design software.  We produce a complete set of calculations, proving the mezzanine floor design, which are suitable for any authorities or inspectors to check.

CAD technology is then used to produce a 3D model of exactly how the finished mezzanine floor will be constructed, including ancillaries such as staircases. All of the drawings and data required for manufacturing and installation are derived from this 3D model, ensuring the end result precisely matches the mezzanine floor design.

Once the design is complete, your project manager will issue a general arrangement drawing for you to approve. This ensures that our layout meets with the project requirements. Should you wish to make any changes, we’re happy to go through the process again and re-issue the general arrangement drawing. Once we have your approval, we will send you a formal copy of the mezzanine floor general arrangement drawing and calculations to substantiate its installation.

With the design completed and approved, drawings, bills of materials and production data are automatically generated from the 3D model and passed to our in-house manufacturing facility where fabrication will begin.

Mezzanine Design Tips

Here are the top five tips from Davicon to enable you to build cost-effective raised flooring:

  1. Use the most economical mezzanine, footprint, which is nominally a 3m x 3m column grid.
  2. The height of finished raised flooring should be a maximum of 3m (measured from the top of the floor). This saves the cost of a mid-staircase landing. Note: in Scotland, this limit is reduced to 2.7 m.
  3. Try and estimate the exact loading requirement of the floor to optimise the structural steel content of the floor. The minimum loading is 3.5 kN/m2 uniformly distributed load. This level allows for office space and personnel, but does not enable permanent storage facilities to be installed. Should you require a material handling or storage solution, raised flooring will require a loading of 4.8 kN/m2  or greater depending on the application.
  4. Avoid point loads wherever possible on the mezzanine floor.
  5. Look at the access and means of escape off the floor, and specify the minimum number of staircases to conform to regulatory requirements and operational needs. This can be complicated but we are happy to offer advice regarding legal requirements.