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Here are the top 10 questions our clients asked about mezzanine floors when considering material handling, raised access and storage solutions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, or if you just want to discuss the technicalities of your enquiry with Davicon, please feel free to contact us.

1. What are the size restrictions for mezzanine floors?

There are no size, shape, or height restrictions and all of Davicon mezzanine floors can be supplied with multiple tiers, if required. Davicon has supplied a six tier, 22 metre high floor. Davicon mezzanine floors are customised to suit the specific end user/site requirements.

2. How long does a standard mezzanine floor installation take from order to completion?

A typical project timetable is as follows:
Week One - Detailed site survey
Week Two - Design and production of general arrangement (GA) drawing
Week Three - Client approval of design and GA
Week Four - Structural steel manufacture
Week Five - Mezzanine installation

3. Do I have to arrange for local authority approval myself?

No, Davicon will take responsibility for obtaining all building control and fire regulations approval.

4. Can I ensure approval of the mezzanine floor design before I commit to placing my order?

Yes. Should you wish to take this route we will require a purchase order for design, drawings and calculations ready for submission to the local authority. This process typically takes six weeks and additional costs usually less than £1000.

5. Can I change the design any stage?

Design modifications can be introduced during the first two weeks, although this may result in delay and additional cost depending on where the project is in the design process.

6. Do I have to arrange the floor installation myself?

The client has the option of floor installation using their own resources, but we recommend that we use our own fully accredited and trained mezzanine floor installation teams.

7. What happens if there is an installation issue on site?

Each mezzanine floor installation is assigned to a specific Davicon project manager, who has full responsibility about the process. This individual is the first point of contact for the client in all circumstances.

8. I am considering a mezzanine floor as one alternative in my development project. Is there a guideline cost I could use for my feasibility study?

Costs will depend on the size, loading and specification of the floor. Davicon and its distributors can provide fast track budgetary quotations for feasibility studies on request.

9. Can Davicon also arrange the installation of stairways and other add-ons?

Yes. Typical additional access flooring requirements include: stairways, handrails, pallet gates, wear plates, cat ladder and step overs.

10. How can I best prepare for the arrival of the Davicon mezzanine installation team?

Provide clear and unrestricted access to the area along with utilities and services.