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    Garment Hanging Automated Mezzanine Floor
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    Automated OSR Mezzanine Floor
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Mezzanine Floor Manufacturing

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is very proud of its 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which incorporates CNC punching, drilling and shearing machinery, fabrication booths and finishing spray booths. Take a 3D tour of our manufacturing facility here.

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is the leading mezzanine floor supplier that manufactures in-house; this, coupled with a highly experienced design team, means we are able to exactly match customer requirements, offer reduced lead times and have complete control over the quality and delivery of over projects.

Your list of required components to manufacture mezzanine floor is passed to manufacturing via an electronic bill of material, which is automatically generated from the 3D model produced at the design stage. This is fed into our JIT system, which we operate with our major suppliers, to maintain an efficient production process. We also keep stock of commonly used items, which helps us to offer reduced lead times to our clients.

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 registered as part of its commitment to quality and, as such, only uses approved suppliers for its raw material supply; this means suppliers with a proven track record of service and quality, which is vital for our supply chain management.

Drawings are generated from the 3D model automatically pass to our experience fabricators. All our fabricators are coded welders with many years experience.

Beams, columns and plates are cut, drilled and punched automatically by Davicon’s CNC machinery. The machine instructions, such as cutting lengths and hole positions, are generated automatically from the 3D model produced at the design stage, which means finished components match the design exactly.

All goods are painted and then inspected for quality at the finishing stage before being stored in our finishing bay, ready to be collected and transported to site. When goods are completed and pass inspection they are dispatched from our factory and delivered to site.

Davicon Mezzanine Floors takes health and safety at work very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and contractors, adhering to all relevant health and safety standards and working closely with our customers to ensure individual client’s requirements are met. Our health and safety consultant works closely with us to ensure we maintain all appropriate regulations in line with HSE requirements.