Mezzanine Floor Manufacturing

Davicon is the UK’s leading manufacturer of mezzanine floors and unlike other suppliers, we design and manufacture all of our floors in-house. In fact, we have the largest dedicated mezzanine floor production facility in the UK, so you can be confident of consistently high quality, swift lead times and competitive pricing.

Factory Long Shot

In-house Manufacturing

DAVICON design all our structures in 3D modelling software, this process allows us to error check all the components of the design before issuing a full “manufacturing pack” to our works for production. All Davicon’s welders are BS EN ISO 9606 qualified and overseen by a responsible welding coordinator (RWC).


Manufacturing packs are issued to the works via the Works Managers office, to the shop floor staff, including CNC machines operators, sawyers, fabricators, Welders, Paint Sprayers, and despatch. Structural sections are cut, drilled, and punched automatically by Davicon’s CNC machinery, directly from the NC data of the model, which means finished components match the design exactly.

ISO Registered

All our processes are controlled via our BSI audited:
ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM & BS EN 1090 UKCA AND CE certification, to Execution Class (EC)

Davicon Mezzanine Floors is BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered as part of its commitment to quality and, as such, only uses approved suppliers for its raw material supply; this means suppliers with a proven track record of service and quality, which is vital for our supply chain management.


Drawings generated from the 3D model automatically pass to our experience fabricators. All our fabricators are coded welders with many years experience.

CNC Machinery

All our CNC – NC data, Drawings, Materials lists, Finishing Lists and Despatch lists are produced directly from the 3D model, removing the potential for human error.

Finishing Stage

All goods are painted/powder coated and then inspected for quality at the finishing stage. They are held in a despatch area ready for final inspection. Materials are then loaded onto designated transportation for delivery to site.

Health & Safety

Davicon Mezzanine Floors takes health and safety at work very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and contractors, adhering to all relevant health and safety standards and working closely with our customers to ensure individual client’s requirements are met. Our health and safety consultant works closely with us to ensure we maintain all appropriate regulations in line with HSE requirements.


Davicon continually invest in the latest available technology, including, Design software,Infrastructure, Capital equipment (CNC processing, etc). We also invest in People, our greatest asset, with an ongoing Apprentice scheme, taking on average circa 2 apprentices per annum and supported by involving our local colleges.

In 2023 we achieved the Gold Kite mark standard as an "Excellent Employer" by Make UK and Next Gen Makers, under the Engineering Apprenticeships Best Practice Programme.