• Garment Hanging Automated Mezzanine Floor
    Garment Hanging Automated Mezzanine Floor
  • Automated OSR Mezzanine Floor
    Automated OSR Mezzanine Floor
  • Storage
  • Self Storage
    Self Storage
  • Retail
  • Production
  • Commercial Office
    Commercial Office
  • Distribution
  • Automated Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
    Automated Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Davicon Mezzanine Floors

Davicon is the UK’s leading manufacturer of mezzanine floors and unlike other suppliers, we design and manufacture all of our floors in-house. In fact, we have the largest dedicated mezzanine floor production facility in the UK, so you can be confident of consistently high quality, swift lead times and competitive pricing.

We employ our own design and project management teams, all of whom have extensive experience of delivering mezzanine floor of all sizes for all kinds of applications, including automated warehouse, distribution, commercial office, production, retail, self storage and storage.

Importantly for our clients, Davicon offers far more than just mezzanine floors.

As companies look to improve efficiencies, increasingly they want to work with contractors who understand what they are trying to achieve and are able to meet their exacting requirements. To that end, our ability to design, manufacture and deliver bespoke integrated solutions gives us a clear competitive advantage and is the reason why Davicon is first choice time and time again.

We offer a wide range of ancillary products, such as pallet gates, handrails, balustrades, step-overs, maintenance platforms and fire protection systems for a complete finish. Take a look at our case studies for examples of how Davicon’s integrated mezzanine solutions have worked for countless UK companies.