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    Automated OSR Mezzanine Floor
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Mezzanine Production

Eight Simple Steps to Delivering Your Bespoke Mezzanine Floor

Below is a step-by-step guide to the way Davicon delivers mezzanine floor projects. We offer a complete service - from helping with the technicalities of your mezzanine floor / steelwork enquiry, creating a detailed quotation right through to installation.

We supply mezzanine floors of all sizes, from 10 m² to well over 50,000 m², for all kinds of applications including  automated warehousedistributioncommercial officeproductionretailself storage and storage.

Davicon’s design and manufacturing means we can efficiently produce mezzanine floor projects, with a project manager as a point of contact, from placement of your order to handover of the installed product.

Davicon only sells to distributors. If you are an end user, please contact us; we’ll put you in touch with a local distributor who will liaise with us to supply you with your quality Davicon mezzanine floor.

Step One:  Quotation

Davicon will assist you in helping with any technical enquiries you may have and following a formal request, you will receive a detailed quotation. Our typical turnaround time for this is 24 hours.

Step Two:  Order Placed & Project Manager Assigned

As soon as an order is placed, we will assign a dedicated project manager to your contract. He / she will be your key point of contact throughout the whole project, from survey through to completion. Read more...

Step Three:  Site Survey

Your project manager’s first responsibility will be to visit the site to undertake a detailed site survey. This involves agreeing the requirements with the customer, taking detailed measurements of the site and reviewing its condition.  At this foundation stage we will co-ordinate with all parties involved to ensure that all aspects of the installation programme are catered for.

Step Four:  Mezzanine Design

Davicon uses the latest design software (conforming to all British and EU standards) to produce a working 3D model of your floor, along with calculations proving the design. Read more...

Step Five:  Approval of Mezzanine Design by Customer

Working drawings are issued to the customer for approval. If any changes are required, these are made by the project manager to improve the design for the project to proceed. A formal copy of all drawings and calculations to substantiate the design of forwarded for all contracts prior to installation.

Step Six:  In-house Manufacture and Delivery to Site

Davicon is proud of its in-house 7,000 square meter mezzanine floor manufacturing capability, which enables us to ensure the highest levels of quality, programme control and excellent lead times. Automated punching, shearing and drilling CNC machinery are fed directly from the 3D model produced at the design stage, ensuring the end result precisely matches the design of the mezzanine floor. Read more...

Step Seven:  Mezzanine Installation

Davicon approves and works with professional installation teams, who work to the latest regulations and CDM requirements. Your project manager will stay in close contact with the site manager and the installation team to keep everything running smoothly. Read more...

Step Eight:  Customer Satisfaction

Davicon completely checks the site and hands over the defect-free floor to you.